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Sydney Tyres Online Sale is a Tyre & wheel specialist in Sydney.  Our speciality is fitting vehicles with the right Tyre at wholesale prices, as well as offering exceptional services.  We have a crew of outstanding customer service reps, sales staff, and mechanics that truly have a passion for vehicles, Tyres & wheels.  Our love for the business combined with outstanding sales & services has built our reputation on the top wholesale tyre choice in Sydney.

At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, you find leading brand Tyres like BF Goodrich, Kumho, Bridgestone, Silverstone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Pace, Continental, Pirelli, and more at wholesale prices.  Specials are something that we enjoy as much as our customers, making them an everyday thing at AJAJs.  Our customers can count on great specials on our Tyres & services:

  • Wholesale Tyres Sydney 
  • Front & Rear Wheel Alignment 
  • Tyre Repairs & Restorations 
  • Brakes 
  • Wheel Balancing 
  • Wheel Repairs & Restorations 
  • Wheel Machining 
  • Minor Servicing Tuning 

Our stock of Tyres is one that offers thousands of choices in Tyres from 13" to 22".  This includes major brands, budget brands, and hard to find brands, including equipment Tyres.  We take a great deal of pride in being the Tyre source that can deliver what our customers need when they request it.

At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, our focus is not just on satisfying our customers with great deals & excellence in services.  We also have taken a commitment to help keep our environment protected by offering Tyre recycling to vehicle owners in Sydney.  Our Tyre recycling offers vehicle owners a place to take their old, damaged, and worn wheels for disposal at no cost.  Tyres are collected and then recycled into new products like athletic playing fields, brake pads, building insulation, new Tyre manufacturer, road surface and more.  Our Tyre recycling helps to keep dangerous pollutants and toxins that are associated with Tyre dumping and burning to a minimum.

Affordable prices are also something we take a great deal of pride in, at Sydney Tyres Online Sale.  Whether outfitting your vehicle with one Tyre or an entire set, we guarantee wholesale prices.  We also offer only affordable prices in our Tyre & wheel services like repairs and restorations, as well as our wheel machining, brakes and minor servicing tuning.

At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, whether you can come to us, or need us to come to you, you will have the great specials & services you require in Tyres and wheels.  

At AJAJs our commitment is to our customers.


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For more information on our services, or to speak with an AJAJ Specialist, just give us a call at the number below.  We can also be reached through our "Contact" form that is located here on our web page.

For great assistance, expert knowledge, or to schedule a service appointment just call 0414 969 969.

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