What To Check Before Planning A Road Trip?

Posted On May 29th, 2017

We systematically plan about what we are going to take and how long it is going to take us to get somewhere when we plan a road trip. What we do not often plan is having a check on our cars before we leave for the trip.

You need to ensure you will get to your destination with the least amount of stress and hassle, particularly at busy holiday periods like Christmas and Easter. Imagine how terribly inconvenient and frustrating would it be to finally go on that long awaited road trip to find yourself broken down in the middle of the highway just because you forgot to do some simple checks on your vehicle and its tyres beforehand.

To ensure your trip goes as smooth as possible, Sydney Tyres Online Sale has put together some important tips on what to check before you venture out onto the open road.

1. Tyre Pressure
To prevent premature wear or blowouts ensure your tyres have the correct amount of inflation.
2. Tyre tread depth
You need to have them replaced if your tyres have a tread depth of less than 1.5mm. Tyres that have less than the legal amount of tread are illegal and unsafe to drive with.
3. Spare tyre
In case you need to replace a flat or punctured tyre be sure to check your vehicle has a fully inflated spare tyre.
4. Tools
To change a tyre if needed on your road trip check you have the necessary equipment.  Always keep a jack and a tyre iron.
5. Battery
Make sure your battery has its cells topped up with distilled water and it is free from battery acid build to prevent corrosion and cause your battery to fail on your road trip.
6. Lights

Be sure your headlights, indicators and brake lights are functioning properly.Sydney Tyres Online Sale also recommends that you pack some basic essentials in case of a breakdown such as:

a) Water
b) First aid kit
c) Torch
d) Toilet paper
e) Blanket

You could avert a disaster or an abandoned road trip by undertaking some simple preliminary checks before you leave.

If you have some concerns about your tyres after your vehicle checks, call Sydney Tyres Online Sale on 0414 969 969 or 9793 9285.Sydney Tyres Online Sale can assist you if you need new tyres supplied and fitted before you go as we have a large range of quality new tyres and second hand tyres and wheels for passenger cars, 4WD’s, SUV’s, buses and caravans.

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