Sydney Tyres Online Sale is your One-Stop Tyre & Wheel Shop in Sydney. We employ a full house of Tyres & Wheel Specialists, including technicians with the skill and experience to offer you exceptional services. With speed, quality, and excellence in Tyres for Sale, Tyres Fitting, Wheel AlignmentsRepairs, Restorations, Wheel Machining,  and more, vehicle owners have found their trusted source in service technicians! Stay on the road safely with Sydney Tyres Online Sale!

Our Services…

  • Tyres For Sale  – Top Brands, Discount Brands at Cheap Tyre Prices Sydney  
  • Tyre Supply & Fitting  
  • Wheel Alignments – Front Wheels – Front & Rear Wheel Alignments  
  • Wheel Balancing  
  • Tyre Repairs & Restorations  
  • Wheel Repair  
  • Wheel Restorations  
  • Wheel Repainting  
  • Wheel Polishing  
  • Wheel Machining  
  • Tyre Recycling  
  • Damaged Wheel Repair  

With state of the art equipment and the technicians that have the experience, talent & skills to be Sydney Tyres Online Sale  specialists, we are the ones you can count on for your wheel needs.

Tyres for Sale Sydney

At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, you have the privilege to select the perfect Tyre for your vehicle as we offer a huge collection of Tyres for Sale. You can buy-

Silverstone Tyres

Silverstone Tyre is our most demanded Tyre Brand. We offer a range of Silverstone Tyres such as Summer Tyre, Winter Tyre and 4x4 Tyres.

Besides Silverstone, we also offer Bridgestone, Hankook, Michelin, Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli, Pace, Nexen, Windforce, Toyo, Continental BF Goodrich, Kumho and many other high quality brands.

Tyres Fitting

We offer professional Tyres Fitting service to all our clients. Our experts are well equipped with the necessary tools to provide the ultimate Tyre Fitting of all types of Tyres and for all kinds of vehicles. We also provide a thorough check-up, wheel rotation and alignment of new Tyres. 

Wheel Alignment Sydney

At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, we have the crew of alignment specialists that offer our customers the type of expertise that they can trust. We offer both front and front & rear alignments that correct alignment issues and keep your vehicle safe on the road. It may be suggested that your vehicle has all four wheels aligned, or your vehicle may only require a front wheel alignment. Our technicians will assess your vehicle, and offer you the best options that will correct issues like your vehicle pulling to one side, excessive or uneven wear on the Tyres or a vibration of the vehicle or steering wheel. Your safety on the road is our priority, which is why you can count on us to provide the right services that keep your vehicle under control.

Wheel Machining

When wheels can be repaired the situation is one that is much less expensive than to replace the wheels. At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, we offer wheel machining that often is the remedy to your problem. Our technicians offer Alloy wheel machining solutions that include:

  • Drilling  
  • Small Backs  
  • Center-Bore Machining  
  • Back Pad Shaving  
  • Stud Pattern Changes  
  • Cracked Wheel Restorations 
  • Widening & Narrowing  

Wheel Repairs & Restorations

Don't hit the pocket book with the cost of replacing your damaged, cracked or bent wheels. Just give Sydney Tyres Online Sale a call. We'll offer outstanding wheel repairs & restorations that have your rims back in new condition. Whether you require your wheels straightened, or damage needs to be repaired, we both repair and restore wheels to their once new appearance at a fraction of the cost of replacing the wheels. We also offer wheel repainting services, as well as wheel machining.

Tyre Recycling Sydney

Sydney Tyres Online Sale Sydney offers Tyre recycling that is a service to vehicle owners in the community. Our Tyre recyclers collect old, damaged and worn Tyres to keep them from poisoning the environment through dumping and burning. With our Tyre recycling services, your old, damaged, and worn Tyres are recycled into new products like brake pads, athletic tracks, new Tyre manufacture, building insulations, road surfaces and more. Just contact us for more information on our Tyre recycling services in Sydney.

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