Wheels Services

At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, our wheel technicians repair & restore damaged, bent and cracked wheels, keeping your costs down.  So, don't think those wheels need to be replaced.  Give Sydney Tyres Online Sale a call for the perfect cost-efficient solution to replacing your wheels!

We offer…

  • Wheel Repairs & Restorations
  • Premium Wheel Balancing
  • Front Wheel Alignments
  • Front & Rear Wheel Alignments
  • Damaged Wheel Repairs
  • Scratched Rim Repairs
  • Wheel Bent Repair
  • Wheel Refurbishment Services
  • Wheel Polishing
  • Wheel Machining

At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, you can count on outstanding services completed by the best technicians in the business at cheap prices!


Wheel Alignments Sydney

Your vehicle may experience different symptoms when your wheels are out of alignment.  Symptoms may include excessive or uneven wear on the Tyres, your vehicle pulling to one side, or the steering wheel, or car itself vibrating.  When symptoms occur, a pro is necessary.  Sydney Tyres Online Sale are the pros in front and front & rear wheel alignments.  In a front wheel alignment, our technicians align your front wheels to the centre line of the vehicle.  Doing this ensures that your vehicle's handling problems are eliminated.  For Front & Rear End Wheel Alignments, your wheels will be aligned to the geometric centre of the vehicle.  Again, this straightens out alignment problems that leave a driver losing control of his or her vehicle.

Premium Wheel Balancing Sydney

Sydney Tyres Online Sale also offers premium Wheel Balancing.  Wheel balancing is not the same as wheel alignments and required each time your Tyres are rotated.  It is important to know your manufacturer's recommendations when it comes to wheel balancing as this is a maintenance that is required more often than wheel alignment.

Wheel Restoration & Repainting

Sydney Tyres Online Sale are the wheel experts that also restore & repaint wheels.  With their skills and experience, you don't have to replace those bent, damaged, or cracked wheels.  Just call the experts at Sydney Tyres Online Sale .

Wheel Machining Sydney

At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, our pros will have the alterations you require to your wheels:

  • Re-drilling
  • Center Bore Machining
  • Making Small Backs
  • Back Pad Shaving
  • Missing Sections Rebuilt
  • Gutter Scrape / Rash
  • Widening & Narrowing
  • Changing Stud Patterns
  • Cracked & Bent Wheels

Scratched Rim Repair

While your scratches may not hinder your vehicle's operation, they do interfere in the attractiveness of your vehicle.  At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, you don't have to replace your scratched rims.  We offer scratched rim repairs that include Straightening, Painting, Polishing and Clear Coating your old rims to make them new in appearance.  At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, new rims for your vehicle don't mean replacement, just repair!

Wheel Polishing Sydney

Overtime, wheels become dull, and their beauty begins to lose attractiveness.  At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, our wheel technicians offer wheel polishing that puts the lustre back into the rims, bringing back their finish and lustrous life that you feel in love with.  Our technicians can remove Tyre marks and blemishes with their expert skills and polishing techniques.  Just contact the specialists at Sydney Tyres Online Sale for more information on our wheel polishing services.

Sydney Tyres Online Sale offers the wheel services you require from the top Wheel Specialists in Sydney.  Our prices are always affordable, and always convenient.

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