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Sydney Tyres Online Sale is your One-Stop Tyre & Wheel Shop in Sydney. We employ a full house of Tyres & Wheel Specialists, including technicians with the skill and experience to offer you exceptional services. With speed, quality, and excellence in Tyres for Sale, Tyres Fitting, Wheel Alignments, Repairs, Restorations, Wheel Machining,  and more, vehicle owners have found their trusted source in service technicians!

Your Tyre Store in Sydney, and Much More!

Sydney Tyres Online Sale offers you the chance to  SAVE on premium brand Tyres.  We offer our Tyres at wholesale prices.  Specials you won't find other places like Buy 1 Tyre, Get The 2nd Tyre For Half-Price. We have a massive stock (1000s) of tyres 13" to 22" for Cars, 4WDs, Commercial Vans, Sports, Light trucks and Winter Tyres.  Tyres aren't our only service.  We offer a full range of tyre, wheel & tune-up services from a team of dedicated professionals with a real passion for the industry.

  • Guaranteed Fitment
  • You won't find Cheaper Tyre Prices – Guaranteed!
  • Massive Stock of Tyres
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At Sydney Tyres Online Sale Sydney, we are your Tyre shop that sets their standards high, servicing our customers with only the best!

While Sydney Tyres Online Sale might be the top source for premium brand wholesale tyres, we are also the top choice in tyre & wheel servicing and minor tuning services, including brakes.  Our mechanics have helped us to build our reputation as the trusted source for tyres & services, because they are mechanics that have a passion for your vehicle, like you.

We offer a full range of Tyre, Wheel & Mechanical services, including:

  • Tyres for Sale
  • Wholesale Tyres in Sydney
  • Tyres Fitting
  • Tyres on Specials
  •  Wheel Alignment & Balancing
  • Tyre Repairs & Restorations
  • Tyre Recycling
  • Wheel Restoration
  • Brakes
  • Minor Tuning Services

Tyre Brands

Australian motorists have relied on Sydney Tyres Online Sale for trusted Tyre sales & services for over 10 years.  Our passion for keeping our customers safe on the roadways with proper fitting, wheel & mechanical services is what has led us to be the trusted source in tyre sales & services.  That, and our unbelievable selection in Wholesale Tyres, our team of specialists that surpass the others, and our excellence in repairs, restorations and services.

We offer a full stock of quality and high performance tyres for all types of vehicles and equipment at unbeatable prices.  You'll find brands like:

Windforce, BF Goodridge, Toyo, Superia, Sailun, Silverstone, Pace, Pirelli, Pegasus, Mastercraft, Nitto, Minerva, Nexen, Lexani, Lizetti, Maxxis, Kumho, Kinforest, Kingstar, Hankook, Ironman, Herovic, Hifly, Goodyear, Forceum, Fullway, Hercules, Federal, Gladiator, Falken, Dunlop, Continental, Daewoo, Austone, Atturo, Auplus, Delinte, Accelera, Achilles, Antares, and more! And, you don't have to wait.  Our brand tyres are IN-STOCK!

Sydney Tyres Online Sale is the only "Authorised Distributor of Silverstone Tyres"

Tyres for Sale

Sydney Tyres Online Sale offers Tyres for Sale at affordable price ranges. From our massive stock, you can select-

Silverstone- We proudly stock superior quality Silverstone Tyres, available in all sizes and suitable for Sedans, 4x4s, Light and heavy commercial vehicles and for Industrial and agricultural automobiles. Our Silverstone Tyres are available mainly as-

Summer Tyres
Winter Tyres
4x4 Tyres

We also have thousands of Tyres for Sale that includes, Bridgestone, Hankook, Goodyear, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Pirelli, Toyo, Windforce, Dunlop, Pace, Nexen and many other high quality brands. 

Tyres Fitting

Tyre Fitting is absolutely compulsory as a main crucial part of driving and steering control depends on how the Tyres are fitted. We have professional experts who will provide the best Tyre Fitting service to your vehicle. We have all kinds of Tyres appropriate for your vehicle. We will also provide a thorough check-up, wheel rotation and alignment of the new Tyre. 

Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle will experience different symptoms when your wheels are out of alignment.  A vibrating steering wheel or your vehicle pulls to one side, are two of the symptoms that can result.  Uneven or excessive wear on the tyres is another.  Not tended to, you will likely need to replace your tyres, as well as other issues may start to arise.  With AJAJs wheel alignments, you can be sure that your vehicle will be back in proper alignment.  We offer front and front & rear alignments.

Tyre Repairs & Restorations Sydney

Flats & punctures halt a vehicle.  And, can be quite annoying to the vehicle owner.  At Sydney Tyres Online Sale, you can put the stress aside, knowing that one of our rapid tyre service response team is right on their way.  We offer quick tyre services in Sydney, so our customers have the repair services, whether minor or major tyre repairs, or new tyres, even on the side of the road.

Wheel Repair & Restorations in Sydney

Wheel repair & restoration at Sydney Tyres Online Sale mean you don't have to replace your cherished wheels.  We'll bring them back to new condition with the expert skills of our wheel repair & restoration technicians. Damaged, cracked, need machining, bent, or just in need of repainting, we can put the life back into your wheels today.

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